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Unconditional love part 2- Being with her

Her light brown eyes were beautiful and it portrayed the smile flowing from her lips, notifying me that she had an amazingly beautiful smile too. I wish I could see her smile…………. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I dreamt her the night I decided to talk to her; it only increased my curiosity to know more about her. I found myself practicing with the mirror and experimenting ways to make it simple with her. I had always been like the cross combination of curiosity and nervousness. Waiting for her on the same bus stand, my cup was full with anxiety. A part of me never wanted her to come and another part was busy motivating me with the best possible way to handle my words on her arrival. Her eyes met mine when she was leading with the fast footsteps towards me. I was ready to go for it and handle everything with care. I kept my head straight, my eyes focused on her and hands ready to move with my wo