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Teenager crisis 3

He always pretends to be alright as if no hurt can hurt him and no doubts can rule him. This attitude leads him to be an easy to approach man and easy ditch rock. The midnight of the summer with almost every living creature sleeping in their world brought an unaccepted exception for him. He lost his sleep to a call and jumped out of the bed towards his wardrobe. His actions cleared that the call was from someone he truly cares about. He accelerated his car towards his destination. His mind was no more in his clutches it was on  something else which turned his driving  really rash.Tears covered his face and this time it was a real hurt which destroyed his strong belief on himself and on god. He reached to ' Gyan-jyoti womens hostel'  and approached the hostel warden. The hostel warden asked him to follow her as she started walking towards the stairs. Each step he was climbing increased his pain, he was still controlling his thoughts and expecting for something good. Her thou
Whatever she was going through was beyond my experience and ability. i had no rights to judge her . And i choose to live with her and love her with my full heart. what i feel about her is only love. And maybe  after years i would feel the same.