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The Social Mirror

Helping an old man to cross the road and helping a lady with her lagguage were some lessons we have learnt centuries ago. Nowadays we don't even remember our friend's name, remembering these old lessons is just out of the consideration. Have we become so selfish that we don't even care about others or is it like we have lost our helping hands?.

Actually we have become social, social with the machines we carry in our pockets. We connect with people with these machines. We chat with them for hours and we don't even know about their mood. When someone sends a text message  "how is your girlfriend?" Its hard to judge whether the person is worrying about my girlfriend or  wants information about her that whether she is still with you or he has a chance!. But still this machine is with us because somehow it is making our life simple.
But it is been said that to much good of anything leads to bad. I have zero idea who quoted it but he was right. We have  not lost our helping hands but they are busy  holding our machines and allowing our fingers to move on them, our gaze is fixed on the screen while we are walking and the thought of the great people about always walking with our heads held high is mere a thought today.
We cease to see the world than how can we help the world. To help an old lady we have to first look at her. Today we don't care about the accidents on roads because we are busy locating our crush on facebook. Sometimes a close friend is just passing by and we don't even know. Today the world is existing for us  only in our cell phones. We have lost our smartness because our phones have become smart.
We created it and its ruling us.

Raviraj Mishra
#the social mirror


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