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When i lost my pen

In the world of cohesion sometime it is hard to find a place where we can handout our emotions to ourself. Maybe this sentence will not be true for many around. but for me it has always been a fact.  Every word i wrote was more or less close to my heart. Sometimes it carried a weapon to defend my absurd thought and sometimes it was all the absurd thing i got. Things sometimes went contrary, they holded me back. At that place like hell and a sword piercing my heart, words were all i'd got.  But a day arrived i lost my words and hopes ruled my life. I started loosing it, they were spoiled by the darkness i got attached to. They were lost somewhere there and i felt empty inside. Deep in my heart when i stared at the feelings they laughed at me and said you are helpless, they questioned me in sarcasm, are you still the powerful one to express us?.  i found myself in a battle where i started searching for krishna to guide me. I had lost my weapon and my eyes took their position. They e

The Social Mirror - I expect!

I still remember the day when i was 10, my father purchased a fountain pen worth Rs. 12. I felt contended and each part of my heart and mind was satisfied. Everytime i showed it to friends i was excited. Few years later, i was standing inside a  computer outlet, my dad was counting the currency notes, Rs. 23000 exactly. I was complaining about the missing features compared to my friends computer. I showed it to everyone but this time it was a way to get few positive points from my friends. Indeed i was not sati s fied! Satisfaction an absurd word for todays human nature. Asking a person to be satisfied is like inviting him to list out his compliants with a weird expression mixed with emotion. Hope you imagine this face of your friend in mind or maybe you saw it in mirror. I feel expectation and satisfaction truly oppose each other. I mean a person may not be satisfied if his expectation rise and each time he wants to fill it. Sup po rting my words there are many live examples where