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The Social Mirror - I expect!

I still remember the day when i was 10, my father purchased a fountain pen worth Rs. 12. I felt contended and each part of my heart and mind was satisfied. Everytime i showed it to friends i was excited. Few years later, i was standing inside a  computer outlet, my dad was counting the currency notes, Rs. 23000 exactly. I was complaining about the missing features compared to my friends computer. I showed it to everyone but this time it was a way to get few positive points from my friends.
Indeed i was not satisfied!

Satisfaction an absurd word for todays human nature. Asking a person to be satisfied is like inviting him to list out his compliants with a weird expression mixed with emotion. Hope you imagine this face of your friend in mind or maybe you saw it in mirror. I feel expectation and satisfaction truly oppose each other. I mean a person may not be satisfied if his expectation rise and each time he wants to fill it.

Supporting my words there are many live examples where we lose the sense of enjoyment, lose a relationship just because our expectation are higher and satisfaction seems to have hard day to find its place. There is an interesting thing indeed a dramatic fact about human nature. Our expectation resides in our own mind but we want others to fullfill it. Describing it there are situation, if we want to talk to a close friend instead of directly calling the person we expect the person to call us!. Its hard to understand how will our close friend ever know that we want to talk. Expectation without any base. There are many people who buy a certain good i.e. A phone or a laptop and then they are not satisfied with it, so why did you ever buy it?.

Happiness is all around, it all depends on our thoughts. I am no one to teach the ways to become happy but sharing some thoughts will definetly helps us to relate. Its all about satisfaction. Ofcourse expecting great things and aiming for them is important but also being satisfied helps us to believe in ourself and hence where there is belief there is no grief.

Raviraj Mishra


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