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The Social Mirror - To My Son

It is a cool morning of December and winter is hovering over the city with a great comfort, no one will even think of moving out of the blanket at 4:00 am in morning but Kaushalaya does. She wakes up every morning no matter it is winter or summer, she takes a bath with the chilled water while chanting hare Krishna. At 5:00 am she starts walking on the street of Rautpar and stops at the Shiva-linga near the Ganga. She cleans the Shiva- linga with the pure water of ganga and than using flowers she decorates the linga. While returning home she never forgets to ask Vinayakji about his well-being. She always slows down at the fields and watch the farmers starting their work. Kaushalaya Shivprasad Upadhyay at the age of 70 cares about everyone in the village, when she needs to be taken care of. Rajeev upadhyay is the only son of kaushalaya who lives in Mumbai with his family, yes with his family of three members. He stopped considering kaushalaya as his family member when she made her fe

Truth be told

I quit, I quit to cry for you. I quit to hurt myself and look at you with pain in my eyes. For all those pain I would feel in my heart will only make me weaker and weaker and one day I would curse myself for loving you so much. I couldn't do this, I couldn't convert your memories into a bondage. Your memories will always be a part of my soul. I promise I will keep them alive and always a promising part of my life. Nothing has changed and nothing will. I still have that old wallet and it still has a picture of you. I always take a walk in the woods like we used to and I stop by that hundred year old tree you used to call great grandfather it still has our initials. I sit there for hours thinking about you and when I am back in the present I just miss you. They say I should move on but you know sometimes holding on is the thing you enjoy, I do. I hear heartbeats, its really loud when I see your photographs especially the one in which you wore the black dress I gifted you, I could

Matters to me

Nothing more than u, i would like in world. Its only u, that matters to me. I believe it when my heart say.. . . Looking at u i get some feelings, Feeling for u my thoughts are deepening. And a only thing my thoughts say . .  Its only you, that matters to me. I saw a dream last night, you were there by my side. . Me holding your hand and you smiling for me.  Your eyes is all i got when pain strikes my heart. A lover you call me. .and the only thing i know      its only you, that matters to me. Oh girl, you gave me life. All my worth is just by your side. heaven they talk we get after death. My life is heaven with you. A lover you call me. . And the only thing i know   its only you, that matters to me. Sometimes i act desperate, sometimes its all i got. Maybe love makes it worst for me, i forget the world every time i see you.  believe me with your heart and soul A lover you call me. . And the only thing i know its only you, that matters to me.


Some miles from an old town along the shore of Atlantic, insane the people were with the visit of terrifying hurricane. Some deposits in the old bag, with a child in her womb Sherin left the wooden hut and started to move towards a safe place. When god has taken the charge of destruction, no place a human can find to hide his mistakes. After some steps she took, she turned to look at the wooden hut and she only found it loosing its existence. She had lost every hope to live, her womb pleased her to fight this evil and allow a new life to step into this world. Everything around was a mess, branches sliding through the trees, leaves flying away from their base. Everything she saw around were separating from their origin. After some distance she travelled, her legs became weak and her face was covered with sweat. The nature had ceased its cruelty and only thing it left behind was destruction and existence of some grief. She touched a tree which was all the support she was left with. She s

Johny and his love

In some place across the ocean johny found his love and they lived their life in a heaven made for them. johny was a carpenter and his love was a decorator. Johny broke the woods and made a feature out of it and his love would decorate it to make it whole. love flattered their heart and everytime they saw each other a new story began. Johny brought some ice from the town market and his love crushed them to add it with cream to taste it good. In a warm noon of summer they sat on the rocking chair eating icecream and talking about their before marriage affair. One day johny went to the city to sell his creation and promised his love to buy her a ring of shinning stone on his way back home. His love made a fish soup with some curry leaves which would add up to its flavor. She decided to wear a pink gown and serve johny the food as a return to the ring he brings. She took some water and cleansed the floor and made an attempt to hangout some flowers on the main entrance door. Sun went dow