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The Social Mirror - To My Son

It is a cool morning of December and winter is hovering over the city with a great comfort, no one will even think of moving out of the blanket at 4:00 am in morning but Kaushalaya does. She wakes up every morning no matter it is winter or summer, she takes a bath with the chilled water while chanting hare Krishna. At 5:00 am she starts walking on the street of Rautpar and stops at the Shiva-linga near the Ganga. She cleans the Shiva- linga with the pure water of ganga and than using flowers she decorates the linga. While returning home she never forgets to ask Vinayakji about his well-being. She always slows down at the fields and watch the farmers starting their work. Kaushalaya Shivprasad Upadhyay at the age of 70 cares about everyone in the village, when she needs to be taken care of. Rajeev upadhyay is the only son of kaushalaya who lives in Mumbai with his family, yes with his family of three members. He stopped considering kaushalaya as his family member when she made her fe

Truth be told

I quit, I quit to cry for you. I quit to hurt myself and look at you with pain in my eyes. For all those pain I would feel in my heart will only make me weaker and weaker and one day I would curse myself for loving you so much. I couldn't do this, I couldn't convert your memories into a bondage. Your memories will always be a part of my soul. I promise I will keep them alive and always a promising part of my life. Nothing has changed and nothing will. I still have that old wallet and it still has a picture of you. I always take a walk in the woods like we used to and I stop by that hundred year old tree you used to call great grandfather it still has our initials. I sit there for hours thinking about you and when I am back in the present I just miss you. They say I should move on but you know sometimes holding on is the thing you enjoy, I do. I hear heartbeats, its really loud when I see your photographs especially the one in which you wore the black dress I gifted you, I could