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Truth be told

I quit, I quit to cry for you. I quit to hurt myself and look at you with pain in my eyes. For all those pain I would feel in my heart will only make me weaker and weaker and one day I would curse myself for loving you so much. I couldn't do this, I couldn't convert your memories into a bondage. Your memories will always be a part of my soul. I promise I will keep them alive and always a promising part of my life. Nothing has changed and nothing will. I still have that old wallet and it still has a picture of you. I always take a walk in the woods like we used to and I stop by that hundred year old tree you used to call great grandfather it still has our initials. I sit there for hours thinking about you and when I am back in the present I just miss you. They say I should move on but you know sometimes holding on is the thing you enjoy, I do. I hear heartbeats, its really loud when I see your photographs especially the one in which you wore the black dress I gifted you, I couldn't say that day or any other day that you look gorgeous in that. Many things have remained untold, I couldn't find words to express them, nor the love I would feel every time I saw you neither the pain which grasped me when I saw you for the last time. I wish I was good with words and feelings maybe the story could have been different. The only thing my heart said seeing you walking away was 'there she goes, away from you. Hold her hands and she will stop, believe me...'


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Unconditional love part 1

She was in pain, I could see a tear drop rolling down her cheek. She was silent and her eyes were close but I know she was crying, more from her heart than from her eyes. Her heart was affected by the tremendous amount of pain brought to her. She attempted a suicide by drinking dettol when she was conscious, she did it just because she wanted to end every pain she was surviving but she failed. Doctors treated her and gave all the necessary medication so that she could sleep and eventually recover from every pain, but medicine could only cure her physical illness, her mental illness was with her even when she was walking out of the hospital to her home-the most safest place she could consider in this universe. I tried talking to her but everytime she saw me she was afraid. I went to her house but her father said " We dont want to become a news item". That made me feel guilty. After giving a lot of explaination to my mind I concluded that I would not write anything about her i

The Beginning

It was evening and we were on our seperate bikes. We had some numb conversation about your friend you used to like. I saw your eyes filled and I felt a twinge in my heart. It had been a week or so, when I had told you my feelings for you were hard.  It was twist in my life. I thought I lost it. My love for you had grown all wide, but in that evening I came to know, maybe it was him you liked.  I thought of leaving the road of your life. And I remember I tried to convince you, that for you, he was right.  I was talking with a smile, but deep down my heart lied. It wanted you to think only about me, because I was the one who dreamt of a whole new life.  I was sure till than, I would never find anyone like you. My eyes when shut, could see you. My ears in silence would hear you. My hands in emptiness would feel you.  Your words were clear in my head. Thinking about you, I never had to make up a sentence you said.  Talking about you, I would get carried away. J