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Just a love

“Can we have a dinner together ?” was all I could ask. The day of the my so called date started all smooth making me shiver from morning to noon. My heart kept pacing whenever she entered my thought and my heart would stop whenever she left my mind. All day I was at my edge planning, trying, waiting for the time when I would be meeting her all alone. It was 6 in the evening and I had started to get all dress up to impress. I wear the best cologne and the best dress I purchased. I had it all ready and planned, wishing to please her by putting all the efforts I can. We planned to meet at 8, at the oldest restaurant of the town. You know I just couldn’t take any chance of anything going wrong. It served the best food was all I knew and I tasted it twice before even asking her out. The time finally arrived and I reached the restaurant just an hour before it was the time. I held a gift I had bought for her and nervously started eating my nails looking at the other couple wishing i

A Box of Cigarettes

I had this feeling that whoever smokes is a  bad person  unless I became one. It started from  hating cigarettes  to  loving cigarettes  to  hating them  again. A box of cigarettes is what a part of my life story revolves around. I saw them in the hands of my crush making me feel anxious to know if she smoked and angry to find out, yes what if she smokes. Than I had a question playing with my mind whether it is rational to judge her for what she is? will I stop liking her if she smokes? It started making sense that if she smokes, its her choice and its her life. She should get the privilege to choose what she wants . After that, the box of cigarettes in her hand never disturbed me again and I started to fall in love with boldness she would present. And than one day I was sitting with her in my alone time. talking to her about life’s crisis and fame, when she reached for her bag and slipped her hand inside it to get the box of cigarettes with a lighter this time. I saw her


There is a truth I hide deep into my heart.  I wish someday you read it accidentally, and then you ask me about it with a surprise in your tone. At that time, I am sure I won’t be able to speak. I would keep my eyes down and all my words to me which I could ever speak. There is a story I want to tell you. I wish someday you sit with me and listen to it, and then you start asking me about the girl I described.  At that time, I am sure I will say, I wasn’t able to describe her completely she is much more beautiful then I could ever think. There is a picture in my heart I want to show you. I wish someday you get a chance to see it., and then you will smile and say “Oh God! Its me”. At that time, Looking at your smile I would feel a wave of happiness rushing in my heart, making me calm, entering my brain and then finally advising me to say. “you are the one, I could ever love.”