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Just a love

“Can we have a dinner together ?” was all I could ask.
The day of the my so called date started all smooth making me shiver from morning to noon. My heart kept pacing whenever she entered my thought and my heart would stop whenever she left my mind. All day I was at my edge planning, trying, waiting for the time when I would be meeting her all alone.
It was 6 in the evening and I had started to get all dress up to impress. I wear the best cologne and the best dress I purchased. I had it all ready and planned, wishing to please her by putting all the efforts I can.
We planned to meet at 8, at the oldest restaurant of the town. You know I just couldn’t take any chance of anything going wrong. It served the best food was all I knew and I tasted it twice before even asking her out.
The time finally arrived and I reached the restaurant just an hour before it was the time. I held a gift I had bought for her and nervously started eating my nails looking at the other couple wishing if she would say yes, we would not be like others.
Of course my love was harder and different for others but it was from my heart and I knew if it broke I would suffer just like the others. I reached the glass of water and kept staring at the door waiting for her sign.
The gate opened and she approached with smooth chest, her eyes searching for me.I stood up to welcome her and hugged her as she reached the table. I blushed when she said “you look great”
We sat across the table, me staring at her and she kept smiling looking at my teared nails. I again reached for the glass of water and then took a deep breath. I said “I have to tell you something important and I except you not to freak out.”
With a surprise in her eyes she told me to go ahead and then with a long breath I started with what I had.
I said “I may sound weird to you but this is what i feel, I think I love you and I nothing else do I feel. Your company feels great to me and I wish for forever we could stay like this.”
She dropped her jaw and her eyes fixed at me. I knew she was struck with the proposal I offered. She was still and kept silence, when I saw a waiter walking towards me. He looked at me with a smile placing the menu card on the table started with his duty by saying
“What can I get for you ma’am? ”
I told I would let him know within a minute and then he turned towards her to repeat what he asked earlier. She looked at him and signaled him a No.
She finally started speaking only to crush my heart.
She said “I respect your feelings but I am sorry I couldn’t be its part. Its just a simple thing that I am straight and you are not is what I think. Girls don’t interest me, boys I like a lot. I am sorry If I hurt you. but for you I have nothing from what I have got.”
I stared at her for a while and watched her walk outside the door. I was left there all alone feeling sad like hell and this was the first time I had failed in my love.


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