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A Box Of Heart’s

Science says human beings are born with one heart and one brain. But I believe, we humans are born with more than one heart!. Do I sound crazy? But I request you to not judge me yet. We are born with more than one heart, Actually we are born with a box full of hearts. And the quality of our life we live depends upon how many hearts we are left with in our box. Let me put some light on this. It was a day of December, Chilling was the environment and people were seen with their sweaters on.  The evening was hard to inhale, my skin turned cold and pale. I remained at home instead of roaming in the town and the last thing I wanted was to put my naked feet on the ground.  My Grandfather walked in holding the stick with his shivering hands. He jumped on the bed just like a small kid and folded his arms tight just like a rubber band. He looked at me and asked “Do you need some bhajiya(snacks) with some garam Chai(Hot tea)?”. I was always ready because the next thing with the snacks 

Real Soulmate

‘One day I will become what you wanted me to become. I will be losing all my flaws and wearing the essence of love you gave me every second of your life’ . Rajat wrote this line on a piece of paper with a lot of other words eager to describe his love for his mother. “There is no flight available for next 8 hours, I am sorry but It would take at-least one more day to reach Mumbai” said Emily. Rajat was still staring at the paper with his lips curved in a smile born of sorrow. He took out his pen and wrote ‘ Maybe I was incapable of showing my love but I know you always looked into my heart and found the love which was only meant for you .’ “Please book my tickets as soon as possible, I will go home and pack my stuff. ” said Rajat Rajat left his office and drove towards his place. On the way he shed his tears remembering the memories with his mother. With one hand on the steering wheel he checked his phone. He scrolled through the photo gallery, looking at the pictures of his