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Real Soulmate

‘One day I will become what you wanted me to become. I will be losing all my flaws and wearing the essence of love you gave me every second of your life’. Rajat wrote this line on a piece of paper with a lot of other words eager to describe his love for his mother.
“There is no flight available for next 8 hours, I am sorry but It would take at-least one more day to reach Mumbai” said Emily.
Rajat was still staring at the paper with his lips curved in a smile born of sorrow. He took out his pen and wrote
Maybe I was incapable of showing my love but I know you always looked into my heart and found the love which was only meant for you.’
“Please book my tickets as soon as possible, I will go home and pack my stuff. ” said Rajat
Rajat left his office and drove towards his place. On the way he shed his tears remembering the memories with his mother. With one hand on the steering wheel he checked his phone. He scrolled through the photo gallery, looking at the pictures of his mother. Every picture would bring a smile on his lips and tears in his eyes. On some particular pictures he would lift his phone and kiss the screen. He increased the car speed as in the hurry to reach home, pack his bags and reach Mumbai to see his mother.
He still wished that he would find his mother standing on the door to welcome him with a tight hug. Rajat always felt that her hug was the only special thing gifted by god in this whole universe. He missed those hugs and regretted being so mean to her in past few years…..
Rajat would always keep a dairy and write in it after every few minutes. A year ago he was in Mumbai visiting his best friends wedding. After Five years he was back home and his mother insisted him to stay some more days after the wedding ceremony so that he could spend time with his family. Rajat’s father had a low blood pressure problem so he also insisted for a quality time with his son. Rajat couldn’t decide about how he could extend his holidays. Hearing his parents complain about how he has moved away from them Rajat couldn’t find any words to console so he walked straight in his room and locked the door on his back.
He sat in his room for more than an hour and amidst all the thoughts provoking him to regret, he wrote
Its like monsoon is home and I couldn’t decide on whether I should use my umbrella or I should get wet. I want to stay for some more time but I am afraid I can’t. 
After two hours Rajat walked out of the room and told his parents he can’t extend his holidays.
“I am really sorry mom,I really want to but I can’t. I rather have an idea. I want you guys to come and stay with me in Chicago. I make huge money over there and that would help us to start a new life in a great country.” Rajat went quite right after he saw his mother dropping her jaws in disagreement.
Rajat’s mother stared for a while and said
“The thing is Rajat, We your old parents don’t want to start a new life. All we want from you is some time from your busy schedule. And It’s totally Okay if you cannot give us that.”
Rajat was back in present still driving his car towards his home. He could sense the tears touching his cheeks and all he wanted at that very moment was to cry loud.
He reached home and started packing his bags, there were some stuff he wanted to gift his mother this year when he would go home. He had already taken a month off from his work and by all means he had made sure that nothing could cancel his plan. He said to Nick his senior executive that he wouldn’t take any calls when he is in India. He was excited and was really hoping to make things better between him and his parents.
After he packed his stuff he took out his old dairy from the closet. It had a date of seven years ago. He flipped through the pages and stopped on the one where he had written -
I can’t believe that I am finally going to live my dream life. I made it. I am so excited about spending my new year in Chicago. Chicago here I come.
He smiled on his excitement and childish behavior after reading this. He flipped some more pages and started reading -
Today I went to the passport office with my father. I was really worried there was a problem, when we got a call from the passport office. But I am relieved now that everything is alright. After we got the call, my mother said - Everything will be alright and even if there is a problem we will figure out some solution. You will definitely go to America. Yes I believed her! 
Rajat got lost deep into his thoughts but soon the cell phone ring brought him back.
“Hello, Hey Emily!”
“Hey!, Booked your tickets. Flight is at 11:30 pm. I will come and pick you.”
“Thanks, Emily. I am really glad I have you!”
Rajat had to wait more 8 hours to get into the flight which would take him to his mom. Every minute for him was going really hard and slow. But these moments were helping him to feel each ounce of love his mother gave him, again.
We usually don’t understand the importance of our loved ones unless we are on a verge of losing them for forever. We usually take love from others as granted and most of the time we fail to respect it or give it the place it deserves. We usually when we see our loved ones in pain which results in feeling the similar pain as our hearts are so deeply connected.
Rajat had been feeling this sense of pain from last couple of months. The corporate life had clutched him so hard that the enjoyment from the initial stage soon turned into a severe bondage, and he ended up being homesick and missing his parents really hard.
He had already decided about a long holiday and stay with his parents but his plan failed this morning when we received a call from his father saying that his mother had met with an accident while she was getting back home from a party last night. She was severely injured with four wrist bones and three leg bones fractured. Her heart rate was going up and down, Doctors said that she was not able to bear the pain she had undergone.
Rajat’s father with a heavy voice told him that even in this condition all she was saying is to see her son at least once.
“She was crying your name so loud with her full energy that it was impossible for the doctors to make her quite. She is in a pain Rajat. Please come!”
Rajat had broke down at that very moment and had cried really loud not even caring that he was in his office.
Rajat reached airport two hours earlier. He checked in and took a seat in the waiting lobby. He slipped his hand in his pocket and remove his dairy . He wrote -
Oh God, You had no rights to hurt her, she is my mother. Why do you want to become my enemy? don’t you know how much I love her.
I am sorry If it hurts your pride but you need to keep my words in your mind. Hurting her would be the most harsh decision you would ever take.
I am sure I am not the only who would be fighting with you for the person they love I am sure my mother would have fought with a lot for me and would have gave a hell lot of hard time.
So, mind it one last time. Don’t bother to deal with the relation where there are two souls of a same body one is a son and other which is mightier than you , the mother. 
Please do read it and share it. this is very close to my heart.

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