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Its Okay....Dad

After a long day when I return home, i search for my mother and ask her where is papa? My mom says work! He returns home all exhausted but with a smile on his face. He talks about my day and gets happy if something good had happened.  This is going on from last 24 years. Everyday. He talks about me, mom, sister and family... you think he forgot something? He forgot himself.  I guess we never ask. How was your day dad? Instead we wait for him to come home and listen to what we desire next.  He never forgets my birthday. But I still don’t remember if his birthday is 17 or 18 Jan. I see his chest is fair and white but why his hands are black ? Why he fells asleep immediately after he lays down on the bed? If I am hurt he looks at me with his eyes wide open. Dad, its hurting! Don’t you feel anything?.  I feel he doesn’t care.  See, I didn’t notice it again, his eyes are wide open and they are not blinking. Is he crying? Then why he doesn’t show it to me?  When I achieve s


Is it possible to begin a story without caring about how it will end? Is it possible to close your eyes and not get lost into a world of dreams? Of course its h ard to deny the fact that for some reason we care too much but do you think it is possible to live an easy life by pretending that we don't ? What is the one thing that our heart needs? It is relief. Is it possible to fool our heart and make it believe that everything around is okay? We meet people, We spend time with them, Either we fall in love or we create a strong bond with them. But is it possible to pretend that we don't feel anything for them? Still many stories are left incomplete and many songs unsung. Still many dreams never get a place in our life and many are forgotten when the darkness is wiped. Still we end up pretending that we don't have the ability to care and then wipe the ocean from our eyes with the pieces of our broken heart. But still when life goes through the days of present the pas

When I talk to you in my dreams!

When I talk to you in my dreams, you sound more like me than you. You listen to my weirdest tale and never complain about why is my story so much scaled. You ask me to sing a song, rhythm of which is your humming voice. When I talk to you in my dreams, you behave more like me than you. You act dramatic to make me laugh. Your favorite part is to hold me tight and kiss on my left cheeks just to make things alright. When I talk to you in my dreams, you care more like me than the way you do. Your grip on my hand is tight when I start loosing my hope to survive. When I talk to you in my dreams, you are different the who you are. Maybe I fell for the girl of dreams having your face but smiles just like me. - Raviraj

If, I were you...

If, I were you...   When I needed a strange talk after a fight and a kiss of a good night just to make my heart bounce back on its normal ride, I would have never slept with my back on your side If, I were you....   Next morning I hoped the situation was all okay until when you kept a neutral face and walked away. This is were I felt the urge to hold your hands and apologize. Listening to my apology I would have given a sweet smile to bring back rocks to life only If , I were you......   Days started passing and our conversation started ending quickly after a few seconds when we started. Do you remember we used to fight like this every single day but would get back together easily again? I tried to make things good again releasing all my pressure and pain. Somehow you ignored it, I still doubt was it easier for you. Because I would have cried and held up the next moment you brought tears in your eyes only If,  I were you.....   Things between us started falling apart making us