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Is it possible to begin a story without caring about how it will end? Is it possible to close your eyes and not get lost into a world of dreams? Of course its h ard to deny the fact that for some reason we care too much but do you think it is possible to live an easy life by pretending that we don't ? What is the one thing that our heart needs? It is relief. Is it possible to fool our heart and make it believe that everything around is okay? We meet people, We spend time with them, Either we fall in love or we create a strong bond with them. But is it possible to pretend that we don't feel anything for them? Still many stories are left incomplete and many songs unsung. Still many dreams never get a place in our life and many are forgotten when the darkness is wiped. Still we end up pretending that we don't have the ability to care and then wipe the ocean from our eyes with the pieces of our broken heart. But still when life goes through the days of present the pas