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Interview with Smashwords

What is the greatest joy of writing for you? Creating characters and giving life to them. I mean, when i create a character, its from my imagination and a story attached to the character brings out the life. It's been read by people and they know the character and the qualities of the character. People judge them, learn from them, hate them. Just like we react to actual people around us. So being able to create a live character through writing gives me the greatest joy What do your fans mean to you? I feel so lucky just to realize that there are few who actually like me. They decide to be my fans. They are the one who read my books, articles and take out time to review it to help me do better. They are more like my teachers, my guides, my oxygen. What are you working on next? I am trying to build up a few new characters and weave a story around them, which would be the mixture of drama, love and many more emotions. Who are your favorite authors? Nicholas sparks, John green. They bo